MySuiteStuff brings your favorite app collection close to heart. These 12"x12" stuffed icons are 100% hand-made from the fluffiest fleece there is. But what is that secret ingredient that makes them so great? We’ve got news for you. That’s a generous dose of TLC.

Every pillow starts its life and its journey to your doorstep as a humble pair of squares and letters, hand-cut from some of the softest, most colorful fleece we could find. They are then sorted and carefully stitched to match the designs you’re so familiar with, along with our MySuiteStuff tag of authenticity. From there, it is painstakingly pinned for accurate edges, and promptly sewn to guarantee a perfect seam every time. Your pillow is starting to take shape, but is noticeably inside-out and looking a bit deflated. It is then tenderly turned right-side-out and stuffed to approximately 6 plump ounces. Finally, it’s fluffed, hand-sewn closed, boxed, and shipped to your open arms.

Now, to answer some of your questions...

"What's so great about this new shipping policy?" We are SO glad you asked! Unless otherwise noted, all orders will ship out within 3-5 days of your order date! That's right - no more long waits! We're standing by our new policy to sell only what we have in stock, rather than creating the pillows after they were initially ordered. Also, keep in mind that we often set aside pillows specifically for Collections and Creative Sleeps. If an individual pillow apart of either of these sets is out of stock, that doesn't necessarily mean the set itself is out of stock! This new policy insures that you'll get your pillows as quickly as humanly possible.

US Shipping Policy: All US orders ship using USPS Priority Mail and include tracking information. These packages usually arrive in within 2-3 business days after they've been shipped.

International Shipping Policy: All international orders have the option to ship using USPS Priority International. Packages shipped using this method usually arrive in within 5-10 business days after they've been shipped and include tracking information. If you have a smaller order of up to 2 Creative Sleep pillows or any amount of our Creative Sleep minis, you're given the option to choose the cheaper Economy shipping method. However, transit times can take up to 3-4 weeks and does not include any type of tracking information. We highly recommend upgrading to Priority Mail for these orders. Also, selecting Economy shipping for orders of 3 or more Creative Sleep pillows will automatically ship using Priority Mail and will display Priority Mail shipping prices.

"Love the site redesign!" Hey, thanks! That's very kind of you!

"Why did you drop Google Checkout and choose to use PayPal this time around?" To keep a long story short, Google Checkout has absolutely terrible customer support. In fact, it's completely nonexistent. It is also one of the main reasons we got so far behind on orders in the first place. Switching to PayPal has resolved this issue and will help us stay on track with our orders. It also has better security, is more supported, and allows for a much prettier shopping cart.

"What happened to the Tweetie pillows?" As you may have already known, atebits (the original creator of Tweetie for Mac and iPhone) has been purchased by Twitter. This caused a great deal of confusion on rights for distributing the Tweetie app pillows, so we simply decided cease production.

"Do you plan on adding more pillows in the future?" Absolutely! Why do you think we have a "Coming Soon" button on our navigation bar? We have so many ideas that our hands simply can't work fast enough. Not only do we have an entirely new product line of pillows waiting to be introduced, we are also continually contacted by app developers asking us to pillow-ize their app's icon. While we don't have the time or resources to answer all these requests, you can certainly bet on a much larger selection in the near future. The Tweetie pillows proved that we can make much more than just pneumonic pillows, and you certainly will not be disappointed with what we have up our sleeves.

Have another question? Feel free to send us an email!